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QSL Card Exchange Information
Attention :
Since2012/03/20, BV2KI no longer The QSL Manager for Amateur Radio Taipei.

He will still handle all QSL before this date.
QSL Information :
c/o A.R.T. QSL Service
P.O.Box 73-326, Taipei, Taiwan.
contact :
Amateur Radio Taipei had no full-time QSL manager. Be patient and your direct QSL will be answered as soon as possible !

Here is our QSL policy:

1, Send us your card (direct or bureau) only if you want our card.
2, All direct QSL's with return postage and self-addressed envelope will be answered direct.
3, Any QSL received direct with no return postage will be answer via bureau.
4, IRC not accepted in this country, 2 green stamp please.
5, Any QSL cards received via The QSL Bureau Or request to QSL Info will be answered via The bureau. Once a year.
2019/05/26~06/02 BVØVQP KeeLung CityPL05UDAS-020878ART QSL Service2019 VQP
2019/03/30~04/01 BPØP DaXi, TaoYuan CityPL04PVAS-020731ART QSL Service2019 CQWW WPX SSB
2018/11/10~11 BV2A/3 DaXi, TaoYuan CityPL04PVAS-020128P.O.Box 117-254, Taipei, Taiwan. R.O.C2018 JIDX / WAE RTTY
2018/10/27~28 BV2A/3 DaXi, TaoYuan CityPL04PVAS-020634P.O.Box 117-254, Taipei, Taiwan. R.O.C2018 CQWW DX SSB
2018/09/29~30 BV2A/3 DaXi, TaoYuan CityPL04PVAS-020623P.O.Box 117-254, Taipei, Taiwan. R.O.C2018 CQWW RTTY
2018/08/25~26 BV2A/3 DaXi, TaoYuan CityPL04PVAS-020120P.O.Box 117-254, Taipei, Taiwan. R.O.C2018 SCC RTTY Championship
2018/07/28~29 BV2A/3 DaXi, TaoYuan CityPL04PVAS-020244P.O.Box 117-254, Taipei, Taiwan. R.O.C2018 RSGB IOTA
2018/05/19~06/03 BVØVQP KeeLung CityPL05UDAS-0200ART QSL Service2018 VHF QSO Party
2018/03/24~25 BPØP DaXi, TaoYuan CityPL04PVAS-020750ART QSL Service2018 CQWW WPX SSB
2017/11/11~12 BV2A/3 DaXi, TaoYuan CityPL04PVAS-020448P.O.Box 117-254, Taipei, Taiwan. R.O.C.2017 WAE RTTY & JIDX CONTEST
2017/09/23~24 BV2A/3 DaXi, TaoYuan CityPL04PVAS-0201009P.O.Box 117-254, Taipei, Taiwan. R.O.C.2017 CQ WW RTTY CONTEST
2017/09/02~03 BV2A/3 DaXi, TaoYuan CityPL04PVAS-020811P.O.Box 117-254, Taipei, Taiwan. R.O.C.2017 All Asian Contest
2017/08/27~28 BVØFISU DaXi, TaoYuan CityPL04PVAS-020413CTARL, P.O.Box 73, Taipei, TaiwanTaipei 2017, 29th Summer Universiade, SCC RTTY Contest
2017/06/10~11 BVØVQP Sanzhi District, New Taipei CityPL05RGAS-02010ART QSL Service2017 VHF QSO Party
2017/05/21 BVØVQP KeeLung CityPL05UDAS-020296ART QSL Service2017 1St By/JA 2M test, 2M - 17 QSOs, 6M - 279 QSOs
2017/03/25~26 BPØP DaXi, TaoYuan CityPL04PVAS-020597ART QSL Service2017 CQWW WPX SSB
2016/11/12~13 BV2A/3 TaoYuan CityPL04PVAS-020390P.O.Box 117-254, Taipei, Taiwan. R.O.C.2016 WAE RTTY & JIDX Contest
2016/10/29~30 BV2A/3 TaoYuan CityPL04PVAS-0201,014P.O.Box 117-254, Taipei, Taiwan. R.O.C.2016 CQWW DX Contest
2016/09/24~25 BV2A/3 TaoYuan CityPL04PVAS-0201,085P.O.Box 117-254, Taipei, Taiwan. R.O.C.2016 CQWW RTTY Contest
2016/09/03~04 BV2A/3 TaoYuan CityPL04PVAS-0201,450P.O.Box 117-254, Taipei, Taiwan. R.O.C.2016 All Asian Contest
2016/08/27~28 BV2A/3 TaoYuan CityPL04PVAS-020390P.O.Box 117-254, Taipei, Taiwan. R.O.C.2016 SCC RTTY Contest
2016/07/30~31 BVØTW TaoYuan CityPL04PVAS-020317Manager : BU2BF2016 IOTA Contest
2016/06/04~05 BVØVQP Sanzhi District, New Taipei CityPL05RGAS-0201ART QSL Service2016 The 7th VHF QSO Party
2016/05/29 BVØVQP Sanzhi District, New Taipei CityPL05RGAS-0200ART QSL Service2016 2nd 2M DX Test
2016/05/22 BVØVQP Sanzhi District, New Taipei CityPL05RGAS-0200ART QSL Service2016 1st 2M DX Test
2016/03/26~27 BPØP DaXi, TaoYuan CityPL04PVAS-020909ART QSL Service2016 CQWW WPX SSB
2015/11/14~15 BV6ØCRA YongHe Dist, New Taipei CityPL05SAAS-020538P.O.Box 117-254, Taipei, Taiwan. R.O.C.2015 JIDX SSB & WAE RTTY
2015/10/24~25 BV6ØCRA DaXi, TaoYuan CityPL04PVAS-0201276P.O.Box 117-254, Taipei, Taiwan. R.O.C.2015 CQWW SSB
2015/09/05~06 BV6ØCRA DaXi, TaoYuan CityPL04PVAS-0201451P.O.Box 117-254, Taipei, Taiwan. R.O.C.2015 AllAsian Contest
2015/08/29~30 BV6ØCRA DaXi, TaoYuan CityPL04PVAS-020484P.O.Box 117-254, Taipei, Taiwan. R.O.C.2015 SCC RTTY Championship
2015/07/25~26 BVØTW DaXi, TaoYuan CityPL04PVAS-020196P.O.Box 1997, Taipei, Taiwan 100992015 RSGB IOTA Contest
2015/07/24~27 BOØK KinMan IslandOL94DKAS-1021959ART QSL Service2015 IOTA Contest
2015/06/06~07 BVØVQP HsinDian Dist. New Taipei CityPL04SWAS-020538ART QSL Service2015 VHF QSO Party
2015/05/31 BVØVQP HsinDian Dist. New Taipei CityPL04SWAS-020295ART QSL Service2015 2nd 2M DX Test
2015/05/24 BVØVQP HsinDian Dist. New Taipei CityPL04SWAS-02048ART QSL Service2015 1st 2M DX Test
2015/03/28~29 BPØP DaXi, TaoYuan CityPL04pvAS-0201,336ART QSL Service2015 CQWPX Contest
2014/11/08~09 BV2A YongHe, New Taipei CityPL05saAS-020739P.O.Box 117-254, Taipei, Taiwan. R.O.C.JIDX SSB & WAE RTTY Contest
2014/10/25~27 BV2A YongHe, New Taipei CityPL05saAS-0201405P.O.Box 117-254, Taipei, Taiwan. R.O.C.CQWW SSB Contest
2014/09/28~29 BV2A YongHe, New Taipei CityPL05SAAS-020214P.O.Box 117-254, Taipei, Taiwan. R.O.C.CQWW RTTY Contest
2014/09/06~07 BV2A/4 MiaoLi CountyPL04JNAS-0201243P.O.Box 117-254, Taipei, Taiwan. R.O.C.2014 All Asian DX SSB Contest
2014/07/25~28 BVØL HSIAO LIUCHIU ISLANDPL02EIAS-155675ART QSL Service2014 IOTA Contest
2014/06/07~08 BVØVQP Yi-Lan CountyPL04VTAS-020546ART QSL Service2014, The 5th VHF QSO Party
2014/03/29~30 BPØP Yi-Lan CountyPL04VTAS-0201,365ART QSL Service2014 CQWPX Contest
2013/11/09~10 BV55D MiaoLi CountyPL04JLAS-020437P.O.Box 117-254, Taipei, Taiwan. R.O.C.JIDX SSB & WAE RTTY
2013/10/26~28 BV55D MiaoLi CountyPL04JLAS-0201,390A.R.T.CQWW SSB
2013/10/11~13 BV6ØV Tainan CityPL02BXAS-0202822P.O.Box 117-254, Taipei, Taiwan. R.O.C.DX
2013/09/28~29 BV6ØV Miao-Li CountyPL04JLAS-0201572P.O.Box 117-254, Taipei, Taiwan. R.O.C.2013 CQWW RTTY Contest
2013/09/07~08 BV2A/4 Miao-Li CountyPL04JLAS-0201,358P.O.Box 117-254, Taipei, Taiwan. R.O.C.All Asian Contest SSB
2013/08/24~25 BV2A/4 Miao-Li CountyPL04JLAS-0201,358P.O.Box 117-254, Taipei, Taiwan. R.O.C.SCC RTTY Championship
2013/07/26~29 BPØA Peng-Hu IslandOL93TMAS-1031714ART QSL Service2013 IOTA Contest
2013/05/25~26 BVØVQP New Taipei CityPL05XAAS-020221ART QSL Service2013 VHF QSO Party
2013/05/19 BVØVQP KeeLung CityPL05UDAS-020141ART QSL Service2013 1st 2M DX Test
2013/03/29~30 BPØP MiaoLi County(BV4)PL04JNAS-020277ART QSL Service2013 CQWPX SSB CONTEST
2012/07/27~30 BOØM Matsu Island(BO1)OL96XDAS-1132409ART QSL Service2012 IOTA Contest
2012/07/01~12/31 BVØTW New Taipei City   BU2BFDX
2012/05/19~20 BVØVQP New Taipei CityPL05SHAS-020776ART QSL Service3rd. VHF QSO Party
2012/03/23~25 BPØP MiaoLi County(BV4)PL04JNAS-0201572ART QSL Service2012 CQWPX SSB CONTEST
2010/10/10~2011/12/31 BV1ØØ TAIWAN  77112BV2KICelebrate the centennial of the Republic of China(Taiwan)
2010/07/23~26 BVØG Green Island (BV9)PL02RQAS-155584BV2KI2010 IOTA CONTEST
2010/03/26~29 BVØL Shaio-Liu-Chiu Island(BV9)PL02EIAS-1551255BV2KI2010 CQWPX SSB CONTEST
2009/07/24~27 BVØK Turtle Island(BV9)PL04XUAS-155757BV2KI2009 IOTA CONTEST
2009/03/27~30 BPØA PengHu Island(BV9)PL93TNAS-1031527BV2KI2009 CQWPX SSB CONTEST
2008/07/25~28 BOØM Matsu Island(BV9)OL96XDAS-113 BV2KI2008 IOTA CONTEST
2008/03/29~30 BPØP New Taipei City AS-0201822BV2KI2008 CQ WPX, Tsin-Dien
2007/07/26~30 BOØK Kimmen Island(BV9)OL94FKAS-1022245BV2KI2007 IOTA CONTEST
2007/03/22~26 BVØL Shaio-Liu-Chiu Island(BV9)PL02EIAS-1552450BV2KI2007 CQWPX SSB CONTEST
2006/07/25~30 BVØO Orchid Island(BV9)PL02SBAS-155965BV2KI2006 IOTA CONTEST
2006/03/24~26 BPØP MiaoLi County(BV4)PL04ILAS-0201390BV2KI2006 CQWPX SSB CONTEST
2005/11/11~13 BW8ØNDH MiaoLi County(BV4)PL04KKAS-020429BV2KIDa_Hu Agricultural Industrial High School 80th Years Anniversary
2005/07/29~31 BV9G Green Island (BV9)PL02RQAS-1551339BV2KI2005 IOTA CONTEST
2005/03/23~27 BPØA PengHu Island(BV9)PL93TNAS-103 BV2KI2005 CQWPX SSB CONTEST
2004/07/23~25 BW9W PengChia Yu Island(BV9)PL15APAS-1551520BV2KI2004 IOTA CONTEST
2001/07/28~29 BWØN Taipei City(BV2)PL05SAAS-020553BV2KI2001 IOTA CONTEST
2001/03/23~26 BNØW PengHu Island(BV9)PL93TNAS-1034166BV2KI2001 IOTA CONTEST
2000/07/28~31 BOØK Kinmen Island AS-112 BV2KI2000 IOTA Contest
2000/07/23 BWØVHF Taipei CityPL05SAAS-020401BV2KITaiwan/Japan/Korea V/UHF Communication
2000/06/03~04 BWØVHF Taipei CountyPL05WCAS-020 BV2KI3rd Pan-Asia 2M SSB
1999/07/24~27 BOØM MaTsu Island AS-1135322BV2KI1999 IOTA Contest
1997/06/08 BVØART Taipei CountyPL05VDAS-020 BV2KI1997 2M DX
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